Welcome / よこそ

You arrived at the Neko House, my personal artsite. I'm an freelance artist. I merely draw as a hobby and by no means do it commercially! I specifically draw artwork based on different anime and video games.

With all that said and done, feel free to take your time viewing my drawings and hope you enjoy!

Regarding to my R-18 artwork:
Despite the warnings, I only post the censored versions on this site. You can find the uncensored versions on my pixiv account. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for your understanding!

Updates / ニュス

Site News

2019-2-14 Added 3 Splatoon art in Gallery.
2019-1-31 Added 3 Splatoon art in Gallery.
2019-1-29 Added 2 Splatoon art in Gallery.
2019-1-27 Added 8 Splatoon art in Gallery.
2019-1-22 Added 6 Splatoon art in Gallery.
2019-1-15 Happy New Year!

Most Recent Artwork

【R-18 ADULT ONLY!! Shounen-ai】
See more of my Splatoon artwork.